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Heart & Hands

Prioritize transparency between board members and parents


It's OUR schools and YOUR money. And I will never forget that. Over the past year we have seen a clear lack of trust between parents and school board members. I believe the only path to unity is through healthy dialogue between key stakeholders in the lives of our children. 


Our School Board needs to ‘Stay in its Lane’ and remember that our district thrives when parents have a role in the educational process. The curriculum and coursework need to be readily available for parents to fully understand what their children are learning. This includes greater access to learning materials with comprehensive learning objectives. 

Toddlers in Daycare

Prepare students for
life after graduation 


Nothing is more important than preparing students to be productive citizens of society. As a board, it is not our job to determine what students do or who they become. However, we can provide an environment that fosters growth and equal opportunity, focusing on educational success and student engagement. 

A key area of preparation is making sure students have a basic understanding of personal finance. As a candidate for the Board of Education, I support House Bill 2301 that requires students to pass a finance course to graduate. Let's teach kids the skills that will not only be adequate to pass a state assessment, but will also help them get ready to manage a budget. 

Young Teacher

Hiring, training, and retaining the highest quality workforce


Olathe is one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family. Teachers are a staple of our community, not only in their dedication to our kids but also their involvement in the community. I believe we need to find every competitive advantage to keep the BEST teachers in Olathe.


I also believe hiring decisions need to reflect the unique diversity of our district. We should promote a culture of unity in our schools and hire teachers who can engage ALL students at an individual level. Resources and support also need to be available for teachers with unique circumstances or difficult classroom situations. 

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