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Put Students 1st in Olathe Schools!

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Why I'm Running for the Olathe School Board

Olathe is the best place to live, LEARN, and raise a family. My campaign is about Olathe students, families, and educators who want the best for our Olathe schools. We should not settle for the "status quo" or doing things the way they have always been done. Our students need true leaders who are committed to their education, not a political agenda. As parents and taxpayers, we can not sit on the sidelines when a generation is counting on us to lead. 

It is important we focus on creating lifelong learners who are equipped to be good citizens. Reading, writing, and arithmetic -  getting back to the basics of education. I want to see every student develop a passion for school and find success in their academics. Together - we can help make Olathe the best place for parents to send their kids to get an education. Are you with me? 

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